The Last Week at a Glance

Barely two weeks into the summer and we’ve already hit the ground running!  Many of our seedlings that had been planted in the greenhouse are beginning to sprout, and some have already been transplanted to our freshly tilled field.  We had quite the experience tilling our own soil this year: nothing screams “farmer” more than maneuvering a giant John Deere tractor down the highway at 7 miles an hour.  Tilling is really a time-consuming job, and I’m sure we all have a newfound respect for the individual who has graciously tilled STOGROW’s field in the past.  

Reunion Weekend last weekend brought sunshine and smiling faces to the farm; alums and their kids alike got a kick out of touring STOGROW!  The interest many of the alums had in the farm’s progress reminded us all of the great sense of community that comes from all St. Olaf organizations.

Finally, STOGROW was happy to welcome 6 new members to the farm last week: 5 lovable hens and one very sassy, tailless rooster!  Their cute, quirky chicken activities and animated chicken noises keep us entertained for hours.  Today, Azazello – the rooster – decided to test the functionality of his wings and flew straight up over the coop, clearing his 6 foot tall home easily and landing in a jungle of overgrown grasses and weeds on the other side.  His lack of a tail clearly has no effect on his ability to perform extremely dangerous stunts.

More planting next week – still waiting for the rain!



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