Storms, Straw, and Seedlings

This week brought some much needed rain to the farm finally!  The soil that once resembled gray chalk is now a pleasant charcoal color, and the plants are thriving.  Today’s forecast called for severe thunderstorms; this morning at work, we were unsure if the ominous dark skies and accompanying thunder encroaching upon Northfield were truly rain clouds or the apocalypse.  We finished setting up bean canopys, planting lettuce, squash, beans, and peas, and cleaned up just as the skies erupted.

Our straw that was meant to be delivered today for mulching purposes was delayed because of the weather; we will pick up right where we left off with that task on Monday.

Stop by a farmers market this weekend to support your local farms and pick up some delicious, fresh produce!  Have a great Father’s Day!


It’s all fun and games at STOGROW, until someone puts on the bee suit.


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