The Great Chicken Rescue 2012

Remember this from last week?  (We posted this photo on our Twitter: follow us!)


That’s nothing.


We’re drowning over here.  Literally.  Today’s post is titled, “The Great Chicken Rescue” because that’s exactly what we spent today doing: saving our favorite fowl from the floodwaters that left their coop resting in an inch or so of leftover rain.  We had been planning to move their coop for a few days now, so the storms were a good excuse to get on that task; however, the ground surrounding the coop was under at least 3 inches of water, which forced us to move the chickens to another coop entirely.  They weren’t too happy about the change of location, and we spent the good half of an hour running around like awkward flamingoes in galoshes through the weeds, desperately trying to catch and transport the hens from pen A to pen B.  The biggest challenge was cornering Ozzie: he made sure he made it as difficult as possible for us to catch him.  He used his wings to his advantage a few times and even tested his swimming skills in the swampy waters before he tired out enough for us to wrangle him in.  Never a dull moment here…


The field is completely saturated, so we were unable to continue planting.  However, everything left in the greenhouse is growing fabulously, so when the ground does dry up enough for us to plant, the seedlings will be healthy and strong and ready to transplant.  We finished up the morning stuffing our lettuce patch with as many lettuce and snap pea seedlings as we could possibly fit.  Hope you like snap peas St. Olaf, you’ll be eating them for the rest of your lives in the caf this fall!


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