Holy Heatwave!

If it’s not one extreme weather situation it’s another…bring on the heat.  We’re looking at a solid week of 90+ degree temperatures, with that always-lovable accompaniment of Midwest humidity as our weather forecast for the remainder of June.  Despite the sultry conditions, we’ve gotten a lot of good work done on the farm the past couple of days.  The field dried up enough from the aftermath of the never-ending thunderstorms to allow us to FINALLY plant our seedlings!  It’s beginning to look like a real garden out there now, with tomatoes, squash, bush beans, snap peas, and lettuce growing happily in the ground and basking in the sun.

If you take a look at our slideshow of pictures, you’ll see a new plot of land has been added to the farm!  The farm is like a 24-7, free-for-all buffet for all the rabbits and deer of Northfield, so we have been experimenting with better ways to plant our more delicate crops to keep them out of the larger field and away from the pesky critters.  We’ve had success so far with our spinach, which is growing in elevated wooden tables, and our snap pea and lettuce garden, which we fenced off entirely with chicken wire.  We replicated this tactic in our new patch, situated on the opposite side of our greenhouse as our herb garden.  After hoeing up stubborn grass roots (and plastic knives and pens – how did those get 6 inches underground??) for two days, we finally cleared a suitable piece of ground in which to place our kale seedlings.  A quick run to Menard’s for more chicken wire and scrap lumber to designate the garden’s boundaries, and our new garden was complete! 

Next week we’ll be busy mulching like maniacs.  Our field thankfully hasn’t gotten too weedy yet, so we want to make sure we get our mulch down before that becomes too big of a problem.  Half the field has already been mulched, and it is looking great!  However, the chickens have gotten a little bit too frisky as of late, and think it’s just loads of fun to kick up our straw everywhere and peck through the newspaper to seek out the bugs and grub underneath the mulch.  They also find that the nests they make in our mulch are much more suitable to rest in during the hot, sunny hours than the nests they have in their SHADED COOP.  Their free-range privileges may have to be temporarily suspended if they continue to misbehave.  It’s a good thing they’re cute though…that’s their saving grace.

We’ll be heading across the river tomorrow to chat with the farmers from Carleton and check out their farm.  It’s always fun to see what great ideas other local gardens have!

Have a great weekend!



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