Happy August!

It’s officially August! Wow, where did the time go? I think back and it seems like everything flew by on fast-forward. But yet when I looked out over the field today, filled with giant tomato plants, sprawling squash leaves, and towering snap peas, I remembered all the hours that had passed on the far since the first weeks when all the plants were so small you feared of snapping them in half without even trying. When I think back to the start of the summer and our first days farming, I realize what remarkable transformations have occurred in the short span of two months. Our first day on the job we biked down to the farm all riled up to get farming and work in the dirt, but we found our promising farm to be an overgrown, weed jungle that quickly put a damper on all of our high spirits. But now when you stand out in the field, you are surrounded by luscious green leaves and the sweet smell of tomatoes, looking out to the natural lands with the sun rising above you…the farm couldn’t be more picturesque. And all that happened in just two months!

We are harvesting every week, weeding like crazy, and researching bizarre home remedies to combat our nasty bugs who have moved in as our new farm neighbors. Rather than worrying if the seeds will ever grow, now it’s “What if our tomato plants get blight?” and “How do we get these cabbage worms out of here?” This morning we began our new “flour therapy” on our kale and spinach plants. Supposedly bugs will eat the flour rather than the leaves and, well, you know how we joke that we feel so full we might explode? Well apparently that’s a real-life problem for bugs… A crazy solution, but cross your fingers that it works!

Everything has changed since the start of the summer – our daily tasks, our concerns, our triumphs. The time has gone so fast, but yet so much has happened! So much has been wisdom learned, so much experience gained, and so many vegetables planted. And the best part is…it’s only August! We still have another month of summer break to pretend we’re not students with homework and exams, and we still have at least two more months to spend out on the farm harvesting! And let me tell you, harvesting is the GREATEST part of our job. So while it’s sad to see our time on the farm going by so quickly, we’re ready to see what the next months’ harvests will bring!


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