A Great Start to Another Great Week


We like to farm at an hour that is deemed socially unacceptable at which to be awake and functioning.

We’re looking at another great week on the farm!  The weather is supposed to be sunny and beautiful for the next few days, so we are all excited to be outside working and enjoying it.  I think we can safely say that all of the extremely tedious farm work is completed for the season: all the tomatoes have been staked and trellised, and all of our 50+ rows have been weeded and mulched.  All that remains for the rest of the season now is daily maintenance, which usually includes weeding out a few stray, pesky weeds, re-trellising the tomato and cucumber plants as they continue to grow, and dusting our leafy greens with flour to deter the bugs.  However, due to some recent, strong storms, the tomatoes have taken a beating and have developed some early stages of blight; it’s now a race against time to see if we can pull off all of the diseased leaves before it spreads up the plant.

Despite the uncertain future of our delicate tomato crop, the rest of the produce is coming along fabulously.  We had another successful harvest today, and hauled a full load of herbs, lettuce, snap peas, squash, lemon cucumbers, and eggplant (our first of the season!) up to the cafeteria this morning.


Give it another week or two, and our squash crop will be ready to explode.  The sea of elephant-ear-leafed plants is in its early stages of producing, and right now we’re bringing in two or three ripe fruits every few days; soon however, we’re going to be swimming in squash as these guys will be brimming with hundreds of fresh zucchinis and yellow crooknecks weekly.  If you don’t believe in aliens, stop by the farm for a day during a squash harvest and you’ll quickly change your mind: they’re mutant crops.  Harvest one and ten will pop up in its place overnight.  It’s unfathomable.


It’s definitely a great start to another great week out at STOGROW: this is our favorite part of the farming season!  Have a fabulous day.


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