The Dog Days of Summer?

We’re deep into the month of August but the mercury in the thermometer is barely touching 80 degrees these days!  None of us are complaining at all, of course: this weather makes for some very pleasant mornings out in the field.  Our tasks at the farm now alternate between picking the ever-present blight leaves, weeding, and harvesting.  Hillary recently undertook the incredibly hefty task of uncovering our insanely overgrown raspberry patch.  What used to be a jungle of sky scraping thistles is now a cleanly manicured plot of fruit bushes.  It’s unbelievable how many raspberries were hidden back there! The caf will be gifted a few pints of these gems every now and again for the rest of the season; we could certainly pick them bucketsful, but, well, we get hungry when we’re picking them so…

All of our produce is just beginning to peak, which is perfect because the start of the school year is right around the corner!  Our earlier crops – such as our snap peas and lettuce – are showing signs of waning, but our rows of yellow crookneck squash, zucchini, eggplants, cucumbers, and black cherry tomatoes are now getting into full swing.  A few weeks from now, we will have winter squash to add into the mix, along with a plethora of different peppers.

We might have missed out on the dog days of summer, but we certainly enjoyed every other minute of the season out on the farm.  Our summer is winding down and we’re beginning to shift our focus back up onto the Hill for classes, but we’ve still got a few fun things left out on the farm come the fall.  The first week of school, some of us will be shipping off to the West Coast to partake in a collegiate conference on sustainable agriculture out in Oregon.  Following that, we’ve got a farm tour during Homecoming Weekend, and a Fall Harvest Festival to close out our season before the frost creeps in.  We’re looking forward to everything that’s coming up ahead!


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