Goodbye to August…Hello to Harvest!

Well summer is winding down, but the good news is our crops are not! It’s the end of August but our tomatoes, eggplants, squash, peppers and cucumbers still have quite a bit of life in them that will last for another month or so! We’re harvesting about every other day now, admiring the colorful array of vegetables that are popping up. School will be starting, but thanks to our crops we have an excuse to still sneak down to farm a few times a week to harvest!  

And of course it’s only natural that right as the school year is beginning, more and more things get thrown onto our to-do list. Next weekend two of our farmers will be attending the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association annual conference in Corvallis, Oregon. They’ll be presenting our STOGROW, and hopefully getting some great ideas and inspiration to bring back to the farm with them. We also are in the midst of planning our events for Tour de Farm: Northfield, an event that will be touring the local Northfield farms and ending with a festival at SEEDS farm. The event in being held on Saturday, September 29th from 1-7! Not to mention STOGROW’s annual Harvest Fest will be happening shortly after in October. There’s lots going on, so make sure that you stay posted about what’s happening on the farm and ways that you can get involved or come out for a visit!



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