Feathered Friends

It’s July, but I thought I’d catch you up on some of June’s big news.

We welcomed 4 pretty ladies to our farm a few weeks ago!  Each of us chose a respective chicken to name (a task that was more difficult for some of us…it’s a big decision that can’t be taken lightly)!  Payne’s chicken, Wishbone, seems to be the farm favorite because she’s just so tiny and has so much character with her feathered feet.  Kate, Evan’s chicken, has positioned herself as the coop bully.   Yesterday, Sarah admitted that she has placed Kate in an isolated time out on more than one occasion.  We’ve urged Evan to get his chicken in line, but he says he doesn’t believe in that style of parenting.  My chicken, Felix, seems to be Kate’s partner in crime.  I think she is just succumbing to peer pressure; there is a good soul deep down!

(sweep mouse over pictures to see captions)

We’ve been busy down at the farm now that the weather has warmed up and the soil is FINALLY dry.   We’ve received generous donations of plants, time, and energy from local Gardens of Eagan, Laughing Loon Farm, and Ecogardens.  The support of the Northfield community is overwhelming and we are so grateful for the help we’ve received!

We’ve established areas for personal crop experimentation,  increased herb crops, and are working hard to get our staple crops of cucumbers, beans, beets, and tomatoes out into the field.

More pictures and further explanation of our projects are soon to come!



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